Preparing for pregnancy can be scary, and it may seem like you just don’t know what to expect. You may feel pressured to read every pregnancy book out there, but fear not! You’ve come to the right place – follow along below for seven of the top pregnancy hacks experienced mothers have declared as things you need to know!

1) Morning Nausea?

Has morning sickness been ruining your mornings? Try stashing a bottle of water and some crackers at your bedside! These have been proven to work as a quick fix to nausea.

2) Comfort over style!

Wearing running shoes is an excellent solution to sore feet and ankles. However, sometimes bending over to tie your shoes can prove a struggle, so try switching to elastic shoelaces. Brands such as Xpand laces allow you to slide your shoes on –no tying necessary!

3) Hair tie pants extender

Running out of pants that fit just right? A simple hair tie elastic can serve as an easy fix! Just loop the hair tie through your pants’ buttonhole and the tail of the elastic, and then wrap the other end around the button. Look at the attached picture for further clarification!

4) Cooking Oil to Relieve Itching

This one may sound strange, but cooking oils such as coconut oil have been found to serve as a great natural remedy for an itchy belly!

5) Tank top = belly band

This is one of the quickest and easiest DIY pregnancy hacks! In need of a belly band but don’t want to waste your money on one? Cut an old tank top in half (cutting off the top half with the armholes) and use the bottom half as a belly band.

6) Pregnancy Emergency Bag

An emergency bag for all your pregnancy needs is crucial. Pack a bag to take with you anytime you leave the house filled with essentials – toothbrush/paste, mints, ginger candies, extra underwear, and anything else that may help.

7) Bra extenders!
Lastly, don’t waste your money purchasing all new bras that you will only use for a couple of months. Instead, buy a few bra extender clips that will quickly (and cheaply) extend your bra size.