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While each woman responds to pregnancy in a unique way, women facing an unplanned pregnancy commonly report feelings of anxiety, isolation, and panic. It’s important to understand that these emotions are normal, and healthy. Don’t be afraid of feeling what you do; feel deeply, acknowledge the power and truth of your emotions. After recognizing your own feelings, you can deal with them. And dealing with how you feel about your own pregnancy is the first step in authentically considering your options.

Pregnancy: What To Expect

For many, an unplanned pregnancy is one of life’s most challenging experiences. Often, one of the greatest challenges is simply not knowing what to expect from pregnancy. What will it be like? How will I feel? How will my life change now that I am pregnant?

These are important questions, ones that deserve honest, compassionate answers. That’s why this site was created, so you can learn more about your own pregnancy and make the choices that are right for you.

We designed the following resources to “fill in the gaps” with information about what you might expect during your pregnancy. On the next few pages, you’ll find detailed descriptions of pregnancy’s physical effects, the common emotional challenges faced by pregnant women, and what to expect during labor and delivery. By knowing what will come in the months ahead, you’ll be in a better position to review your options.

Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

In many cases, pregnant women are first made aware of their situation not by a positive pregnancy test, but by the common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. What should you be looking for? Visit “Signs Of Pregnancy” to find out.

Want to Learn More?

“I’m Pregnant”: How To Tell Your Family & Loved Ones

For many women confronting an unplanned pregnancy, being honest with family members and loved ones is particularly frightening. What if they don’t agree with my choices? What if they react badly? While you can’t control other people’s reactions, you can enter these necessary, and challenging, situations prepared. Visit “I’m Pregnant: How To Tell Your Family & Loved Ones” to learn how to get ready for a big conversation.

Stages Of Pregnancy: Week By Week

Once you know that you’re pregnant, what comes next? Our “Pregnancy: Week By Week” guide offers a thorough look at the stages of pregnancy. Find out what will change, inside and out.


The term “labor” describes the actual process of childbirth, and begins when your body gears up to push your baby out of your body. Learn what signs to look out for, how to prepare, and what pain treatments exist on our “Labor” page.


After nine months, you’ve finally made it. Find out what actually happens during the delivery of a child and what to expect afterwards on our “Delivery” page.

You have multiple options at this point in your life, and making the right choice for yourself and your baby should be a priority. Family members and friends may tell you what they think you should do, but it is ultimately your decision to make. You will be the one living with the effects of your decision, no matter what path you choose. That makes being fully informed, and receiving the best possible counseling, extremely important so you can make the best choice for you!