Signs That You Are PregnantIf you think you may be pregnant, the only way to know for sure is by taking a pregnancy test. While it may be too soon right now for accurate results, you may notice some subtle signs of pregnancy.

Early Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Many women experience the following changes early in pregnancy, before a pregnancy test can be administered accurately. You may be experiencing them, too. But it’s important to remember that all of these symptomatic changes can be caused by other conditions, so none should be considered definitive proof that you are pregnant.


The most common sign of early pregnancy is extreme and unexplainable fatigue. If you may be pregnant the best way to handle this fatigue is by listening to your body, taking it easy, and trying to stay well-rested. No one knows for sure what causes early pregnancy fatigue, but it’s possible that rapidly increasing levels of the hormone progesterone are what’s causing your sleepiness.

Food aversions

Food aversion is another common sign of early pregnancy. If you open the refrigerator and wince, or you can’t walk past the local Chinese restaurant without gagging, you could be pregnant. Certain aromas can trigger your gag reflex. You may find that certain foods you used to enjoy are suddenly repulsive to you. This can be caused by rising levels of beta-hCG hormone. The best thing that you can do to help yourself through this is to steer clear of triggers.


The rising hormone levels in early pregnancy can cause nausea and vomiting which can be one of the first indications that you’re pregnant. Morning sickness does not always happen in the morning, it could happen in the morning, noon, or night. Morning sickness often  indicates a growing pregnancy due to the rising levels of the beta-hCG hormone.

The key is to not let your stomach get too empty. A helpful tip is to keep crackers by your bedside and have them before you get out of bed in the morning. Lemon and peppermint flavored candies can help ease queasiness.

Breast Changes

Breast changes can also be a sign of early pregnancy. Your breasts might be feeling sensitive or sore due to rising levels of hormones. A good tip for relief is to get a better bra or a sports bra to give you more support.

Frequent Urination

You might start noticing frequent urination. This is another common sign of early pregnancy. Your uterus grows and pushes on the bladder, triggering the urge to urinate more often. Your bladder will fill more quickly. This symptom may start as early as six weeks into your first trimester.

Menstrual Cycle Interruption

If you are usually regular and your period is late, you could miss your period – another sign of early pregnancy. There are mobile apps that can help you track your cycle.

If you have one or more of these symptoms:

The best way to be sure of early pregnancy is to take an at-home pregnancy test. The most reliable time to detect pregnancy is about a week after a missed period.

If you get a negative result early on, you should try again in a few days. If you get a positive result on the at-home pregnancy test, make an appointment with your practitioner. They will be able to discuss your options and give you some good resources.