Single Parenting Pregnancy Options

Below are some common challenges that single parents face. Not all pertain to every single parent. Every situation is different but it is important to understand the difficulties that could arise.

  • Financially Supporting Your Family. Unless you will be receiving child support, you will probably be the sole source of support for your child. This can create stress. You and your child may be living on less money than expected. Some single parents will work overtime or take on a second part-time job to make ends meet.
  • Task Overload. As a single parent you will be taking on all of the responsibilities which happen at all times of the day. Many single parents feel chronically fatigued because they take on all responsibilities with no help. Having a little emotional support or help around the house from another adult can go a long way toward helping you to cope.
  • Reduced Time for Personal Pursuits. Being a single parent often means having little or no time for yourself, whether it is to exercise at the gym or to catch up with friends over dinner. It helps to have another adult around to help give the single parent a chance to take time for themselves.
  • Childcare. Single parents often work as they are the sole source of financial support for their child. This means that your child will need to spend the time while you are at work in a childcare facility or with a babysitter. Some employers or various programs will pay part of the cost of childcare for working parents. This could be an option for you.

A good book to check out is The Single Mother’s Survival Guide by Patrice Karst if you are considering single parenting.