Parenting Advice and Options

For many women facing an unplanned pregnancy, the most immediate choice is to simply parent your baby yourself. But as many new mothers have found, parenting is anything but simple. In fact, being a parent, and supporting a child’s growth healthily and happily, may be one of life’s most difficult tasks.

Should I Parent My Child?

Parenting is a huge responsibility: financial, emotional, social, and physical. And if you didn’t plan your pregnancy, you never made a conscious choice to have a baby in the first place. So being sure that you are ready to take on all the responsibility of raising a child, or deciding if you even want to, is extremely important.

Many women report feeling obligated or pressured to take care of their babies. But if you’re not ready to be a parent, if you can’t provide an appropriate home for a growing child – you may be hurting your baby, rather than allowing him or her to flourish. For many women, adoption is an excellent alternative to parenting. Adoption can provide your child the home you feel they deserve.

Adoption is not the right for everyone and neither is parenting. The choice is your own to make. We want to provide you with information on all your options so you can decide what is best for you.

Resources For Pregnant Women Considering Parenting

The following resources were designed to help give a better understanding of the common challenges of raising a child, including the particular needs of a baby.

If you visit Am I Ready To Be A Parent?, you will find a list of things to consider. Ask yourself these questions honestly, and think deeply about your own feelings. You’ll evaluate your own emotional readiness, financial situation, and the strength of your support system. When you’re done, we hope that you’ll be able to step back and see your own situation more clearly.

Just like adoption, parenting is not necessarily a “one size fits all” solution. Visit Types Of Parenting to learn more about your options, including alternatives like Shared Parenting.

If you decide to parent your child, but your baby’s father does not, how will single parenting change your life? Visit Common Challenges Of Being A Single Parent to learn what specific obstacles face single mothers.

What comes after you make the decision to parent your child? Parenting is a life-long obligation, and it’s time to begin preparing. Visit our Parenting Preparation Checklist to find out where to start.