First things first, try not to compare your postpartum journey to the social media influencers and celebrities we see online and in magazines. While they might have lost their baby weight just three weeks after giving birth, those expectations are unrealistic. Most of us don’t have the resources that they do like a personal chef, physical trainer, nanny, and unlimited money supply. It is important to remember that everyone’s body is different, but with dedication and consistency, we can all reach our goals. Be sure to set a realistic time frame. If it took nine months to gain the weight, allow yourself nine months to lose it!

Here are some tips to get you feeling good so you can be the best mom to your baby:

1. Don’t Wait.







Staying active during pregnancy will help maintain the amount of weight you gain while pregnant. It will also make it easier to lose weight after giving birth. Opting to skip working out during your pregnancy will make it more difficult to start once the baby is here.

2. 30 minutes a day – 5 times a week.

While it is hard to find time to workout while taking care of a little one, try to commit to just 30 mins a day.

3. Breastfeed.

Although for women breastfeeding, it is recommended to consume an extra 300 calories a day. They still report that breastfeeding has helped them lose weight. This is because the body burns calories to produce breast milk.

4. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins.

These vitamins can help replenish any of the nutrients your body may have lost during pregnancy.

5. Walk.

Buckling your new bundle of joy in the stroller and doing a few laps around the neighborhood is the perfect way to get active post-pregnancy. It is also a babysitter-free workout!

6. Drink Lots of Water.

Drinking water helps to boost metabolism, reduce the amount of water the body is retaining, and cleanse the body of waste. Once again, this is especially important for those that are breastfeeding. Breast milk is about 90% water, so it is essential to stay hydrated.   

7. Take time for yourself.

Take time to do something for yourself. Self-care isn’t a luxury; it is a necessity.

8. Book a mother-baby photo shoot.

Having photos from your baby’s early days will be something to cherish for a lifetime. But right now, they will serve as a reminder of what an amazing mama you are on the days when you aren’t feeling it.


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