More time is spent at the obstetrician. Pregnant with twins means you’ll have more  checkups than you would with a singleton pregnancy. More frequent visits are advised because women carrying multiples have a higher risk for pregnancy complications. Some of those conditions being preterm delivery, cesarean birth, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.

You could have multiple placentas. All sets of identical twins share one placenta, while fraternal twins may each have their own placenta. If you’re carrying identical twins sharing a placenta, it is common for one fetus to be dominating the nutrient and blood supply. Talk to your doctor to figure out what your situation is. If your fetuses are sharing one placenta, take advantage of the more frequent monitoring to ensure that both babies are getting all the nutrients they need.

You may need more folic acid. Folic acid is recommended to every pregnant woman for its ability to defend against birth defects. It also helps to defend against iron-deficiency anemia which is more prevalent in women carrying twins or multiples. For that reason, a larger dose of 1 milligram a day is recommended to those carrying twins; while 0.4 milligrams a day is recommended for singleton pregnancies.

Increased Weight Gain. The average amount of weight gained during a singleton pregnancy is 25 pounds., while for twins, it is 35 pounds. One cause for the increased weight can be the result of double placentas and double the amount of amniotic fluid.

You’re More Likely to Have Cesarean Section Delivery. Don’t have your heart set on natural birth. Women carrying twins are more likely to deliver cesarean because twins are more likely to be in a breech position. When the fetus is in this position, a C-section is very often necessary.

Prepare to Need More Rest and More Support. Two babies can be a lot to handle. Expect to need more support and more sleep than a mother caring for just one newborn. It’s crucial to have people to rely on. Be mindful that you are at risk for postpartum depression. Find time for yourself even if it is just 30 minutes a day. A happy Mama makes for happy babies, so don’t be afraid to rely on your loved ones when you need to.

Lastly, don’t forget to take time to enjoy your babies! Time flies and they’re only small for a short amount of time.