You’re going to sympathize with other parents. They say that as you age, you’ll start to understand your parents on a deeper level. After having a baby of your own the child having a meltdown in the grocery store no longer annoys you. Instead of giving side-eye you realize that soon enough you’ll be in that Mom’s position.  


You feel like you are a part of some special Mom club.  You’ll begin to feel an instant connection with other moms. As you’re pushing your baby down the sidewalk and see another Mom with her own child, you recognize a special bond between the two of you, an unspoken understanding.  


You lose all privacy. Enjoy going to the bathroom alone now while it lasts. Your time no longer belongs to you. Instead it belongs to that little bundle of joy you brought into this world. During life with an infant, even being able to blow dry your hair is a luxury.  


You’re going to rely on google more than you think. (Unless you grew up around babies.) Until the six-week mark you’ll be googling everything. Being a new parent is stressful, and it’s normal to want to do everything right. With time things will become more natural.  


You’ll start to wish pregnancy on all your friends. Once you have a baby of your ownyou’ll start wishing your friends had babies too. Not only will you want to raise your babies with your friends, but you have a new life that demands baby friendly activities. Be prepared for your friends that aren’t Moms to be asking you to join them at concerts and clubs. Find a Mommy friend; it’s nice to have people to relate to and confide in.  


Bodily fluids will no longer disgust you.  The dirty work of being a Mom will have you immune to what you used to think was disgusting. Between the spit up and the diaper changing you’ll be prepared to face it all.  


You’ll lose all the storage on your phone. It’s natural to think that your baby is the cutest thing on the planet. Say goodbye to all of the storage on your phone. Expect to be taking a minimum of 20 pictures a day of your baby.  


You’ll appreciate showers by yourself more than ever before.  Your time spent alone in the shower will have a whole new meaning of peace and tranquility. These five minutes will hold a special place in your heart during the first few years of motherhood.  

Being a Mom is the hardest job you’ll ever have. Before pregnancy this can seem far-fetched. However, with motherhood comes with constant worrying. At times the stress can seem too much, but one look at your child’s face will make it all worth it.