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Getting Ready To Parent Your Child

Deciding to parent your child is a huge responsibility. While many mothers describe the joy of caring for a child, raising a child in a supportive, healthy environment brings its own unique challenges, many of which will continue long into the future.

If you have decided to parent, the months before your child is born are extremely important. Your body is changing quickly, preparing to sustain and foster another life. And your mind should be preparing, too, learning everything it can about parenting. Like any big decision, parenting comes with a lot of homework.

Preparing To Parent Checklist

Take Parenting Classes: Parenting classes can teach you the basics about baby and child care, discipline, and family relationships.

Get the essentials: There are countless baby products in the marketplace but only a few that are essential for the time when you bring your baby home:

  • Car Seat: Hospitals require parents to have a car seat for their baby before they take their child home.
  • Diapers: This also includes wipes and diaper cream.
  • Bassinet or Crib: Your baby needs a secure and safe place to sleep.
  • Formula and Bottles: If you are not planning to breastfeed, you will need to buy formula for your baby.

Learn First Aid: You should learn first aid for infants and children.

Maternity Leave: Most states have laws in place that require companies to allow working mothers and fathers up to 12 weeks of un-paid leave for the birth of a child.

Child Care: Decide ahead of time how you are going to handle routine and emergency child care situations.