It Parenting right for me?

If you’re not sure that you are ready to be a parent or just not convinced that you will be a good one, take a look at this list of questions. Asking these questions to yourself (and the other parent, if desired) may help you eliminate or decide on other options.


About Myself:

  • Do I expect my child to make my life happy?
  • Am I willing to spend at least the next 18 years of my life taking responsibility for and caring about my child’s health, happiness, and well-being?
  • Do I like doing things with children and enjoy children’s activities?
  • Do I know how to care for a child and provide for his or her needs?
  • Do I know anything about child development? Am I willing to learn about those things?
  • How do I act when I get upset or angry?


About My Goals and Priorities:

  • What are my goals in life?
  • How would a child fit into those goals?
  • How would a child affect those goals?
  • Am I willing to give up my goals for a time to take care of a child?
  • Would I have time and energy to parent a child and work or go to school?
  • How would having a child impact my social life?


About My Financial Resources:

  • Can I afford to financially support a child?
  • Do I know how much money it requires to provide for a child’s needs or to raise a child?
  • Do I want to raise my child in the neighborhood or situation I am living in now? If not, where and how would I move, and how much would it cost per month?


About My Support System:

  • Do I live in an environment where my decision to parent will be accepted? If not, would I be okay with that and how would I deal with it?
  • Do I get along with my parents and family? Will I need their help?
  • Do I get along well with the father’s parents and family? Will I have their support?
  • Would they support my decision to parent?


About The Father:

  • Does my partner want to have a child?
  • Does my partner want to parent our child?
  • Is our relationship a happy and strong one?
  • Is my partner ready to give the time, energy, and money to raise our child?
  • Do I know my partner’s feelings about discipline, family, child-raising, religion, work, and his future goals?
  • Will a child fit into our hopes and plans?
  • If my partner is unable/unwilling to parent, am I capable of raising a child on my own?
  • Am I comfortable with my partner being a part of my child’s life?

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Average Financial Expenses of Parenting

Birth medical expenses $24,000
Diapers/week $12
Baby equipment $1,000 -$1,500
Baby formula/week $26
Clothing/ season $200 +
Babysitting/hour $10-$15
Doctor’s Visits $75-$100
Day Care/week $200