One of the major learning curves women deals with while pregnant is the inability to drink alcoholic beverages at celebrations. When celebrating milestones with friends or loved ones, alcohol is commonly present; it can feel alienating from participating in everything with your friends. However, there is a solution. We found 5 easy mocktail versions of classic cocktails to treat yourself during your pregnancy. Here are 5 easy mocktails to try today!

Virgin Mojito

This virgin mojito includes limes, mint, apple juice, almond extract, and sparkling water. The combination of these flavors mimics the flavors of the original mojito. Much like a boozy mojito, this mocktail is the perfect drink to transport you to paradise during the cold winter months. Enjoy this drink and learn how to make one here.

Baby Bellini

The Baby Bellini offers a non-alcoholic twist on the classic Bellini cocktail. The Baby Bellini has peach nectar and sparkling cider. However, you can make it with peach juice and ginger ale. The peach gives it a refreshing citrus flavor, while the sparkling cider or ginger ale adds a bit of fizz to the drink. This virgin Bellini is the perfect drink to celebrate special occasions or an ideal casual brunch drink! Get the recipe here.

Virgin White Sangria

The Virgin White Sangria is the perfect fruity drink for your next dinner party. Sangria uses many different fruits, including oranges, lemons, peaches, berries, or anything else you have on hand. It is the perfect drink to make when you have excess ingredients in your fridge. The mix of the fruit, white grape juice, and carbonated beverage create a light and refreshing drink. You can control the sweetness or acidity of the beverage by substituting different fruits and drink options—for example, trade sprite with soda water for a less sweet alternative. Check out your new dinner party must-have here.

Virgin Moscow Mule

The Virgin Moscow Mule is a crisp and refreshing drink. Moscow mules are typically served in copper mugs, giving them a vintage feel. The non-alcoholic version of this drink has ginger beer (non-alcoholic), fresh lime juice, and club soda. It’s a simple, light drink perfect for a casual get together with friends. Check out this light, refreshing drink here.

Mock Champagne Punch

This Mock Champagne Punch is the perfect drink for baby showers. Much like the Baby Bellini mocktail, it has a citrus and fizzy feel to it. It can also be dressed up with raspberries, which perfectly compliment the other ingredients. You only need three easy ingredients to make this fun drink. The pineapple juice, ginger ale, and white grape juice blend effortlessly to create the perfect drink for celebrations. Check it out here!


Try out these delicious mocktails at your next event and impress all of your guests!

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