As you prepare for your newborn’s arrival, there are many things you can do in preparation. For example – going shopping! The shopping list of things to purchase for your newborn may seem never-ending, but we got you covered! Below are six must-have products for your baby!


  1. Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer

This baby bouncer constantly comes up every year as one of the most popular among parents. It’s also much more affordable than other options out there but gets the job done just as well! The bouncer offers a soothing seat with calming vibrations that bounce, bouncing along with the child’s natural movements.


  1. Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light & Time-to-Rise

This product does it all! It serves as a sound machine to put your baby to sleep, a night
light, and an alarm clock. The product is meant to grow with your child, with the soft light and white noise feature for their newborn stage, the nightlight as they get older, and an alarm clock for the toddler stage. The device is also super convenient in that it can all be controlled directly from your phone.


  1. Britax Baby Car Mirror

The anxiety that comes with driving alone with your newborn in your backseat may seem
incurable, but the Britax Baby Car Mirror is here to help! This mirror goes on the headrest of one of your backseats to easily watch your baby while sitting in the driver’s seat.


  1. CYBEX Sirona S Convertible Car Seat

This car seat does it all! Putting your baby in the car seat becomes much easier with this product as it gives you the ability to twist the seat to face you, strap the baby in, and then rotate it back to a forward or rear-facing position to be locked in. The car seat is also equipped with a Sensor-Safe chest clip which will alert you if your child is unbuckled or the car temperature becomes too warm.


  1. Elvie Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump takes convenience to a whole new level! The pump is silent, leakproof, and has no wires or tubes, so you can slide it right into your bra and go about your day. To make it even easier, you can effortlessly control the pump from an app on your phone.


  1. Paperclip Willow Recycled Ocean Plastic Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is as environmentally friendly as it is functional! The bag is made from recycled water bottles and features a roll-out changing station! The changing station also has built-in sidewalls that provide privacy for changing your baby. The bag also features a padded laptop compartment and a compartment that allows you to hook the bag to a suitcase or stroller.


I hope this list was helpful, and something stuck out to you, and you can add an item or two to your registry! For more ideas on products to buy for your baby, read the attached links below!