Your Guide to Pregnancy during those Winter Months

With those temperatures nearing the freezing mark and pending snow/ice on the horizon, you might be wondering: “How can I stay safe and healthy this winter with a baby on the way?” It’s true – there are a few more precautions to consider as a pregnant woman. Here are some tips to survive the winter season with that baby bump.

Get the Flu Vaccine

It’s no surprise that the flu season is upon us. For pregnant women, it’s crucial to obtain the flu shot to prevent any complications down the road. It’s known that a woman’s immune system is down during a pregnancy. Most insurance companies cover the flu shot, so don’t wait!

Wear Snow-Safe Shoes

We all know that those fashion trends are a little modified while pregnant – especially with shoes. With ice and snow, be extra mindful. Instead of those high-heeled boots, grab a pair of comfy flats or snow boots instead. Your feet (and icy sidewalk) will thank you. Balance is also affected for a pregnant woman, which makes you more prone to falling. Selecting the right shoes is very important.

Stay Inside on those Winter Weather Days

With winter quickly approaching, we are in store for some Nor’Easters or freak snow/ice storms. When these days come, stay home. It’s best to stay home to avoid commuting, walking on untreated surfaces, etc.

Take Your Calcium and Vitamin D

Unfortunately, there is less sunlight in the winter, and as a result, we go outside less. It’s important to consume enough calcium during this time to make up for it. Pregnant women are more likely to develop osteoporosis, so it’s especially important to get enough calcium and vitamin D for your body.

Exercise and Get as Much Activity as Possible

It’s true that people are more likely to gain weight during the winter months. For a pregnant woman, this can be particularly risky. Gaining weight subsequently means that the baby also gains weight and potentially poses complications. Hop on a stationary bicycle, elliptical, or do some yoga/light cardio.

Winter is quickly approaching, and fuzzy socks and pajamas are in full swing. Follow these tips to ensure a safe snowy season!