Myths have been around for years. They are used to pass stories, assumptions, and stereotypes generation by generation. Sometimes, they can help understand people’s history or beliefs, but it is essential not to pay much attention. Myths can be problematic because they shine a negative light on specific groups of people. One group that suffers from this is birth mothers.

Some myths shine a negative light on birth mothers and their own choices. Women almost seemed to be shamed for an unplanned pregnancy or even considering adoption.
But now, these myths must end. The absolute truth must be told.

Here are some myths about birth mothers you need to stop believing now:

Myth: Birth Mother’s Don’t Care about Their Child

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Birth mothers always have the option of deciding how they are going to handle their pregnancy. Their choices are parenting their child, terminating their pregnancy, or placing their child for adoption. No matter what choice the birth mother makes, they do so out of love. Birth mothers who chose to place their child for adoption do so out of love. They select their child’s adoptive parents and ensure the couple or individual will be the best fit out of love.

Myth: Birth Mothers are Troubled Teenagers or Disadvantaged

While some birth mothers may be young or struggling with personal, mental health, or financial issues, this is far from the truth about most birth mothers. Many birth mothers who choose adoption for their children may already have children of their own or professional careers. Every birth mother is unique, and it is not fair to generalize them and their experiences.

No matter who you are or your situation, know that the right adoption agency sees you as valued and respected. Your decision to place your baby for adoption is yours to make as long as you do what is best for yourself and your child. That’s all that matters.

Myth: Birth Mothers Move on and Forget about Their Child

This myth gives the impression that a birth mother “gives up” her child, and she will return to her everyday life, pretending as nothing happened. However, this is further from the truth.

No matter how you become a mother, you will always be a mother. You will always think about your child, even long after the adoption process, and go through a grieving process. Even if you can stay in contact with your child, it does not take away the feelings you still have about the adoption.
Birth mothers do move on because they have to, but they never forget about their child.

Myth: Birth Mothers Regret Their Decision and Come Back for Their Child

As a birth mother, placing your child with another family is one of the most challenging things you will ever have to endure. But, by the time you’ve decided and chosen adoption, you will have given this decision a lot of thought. You understand that once the adoption is finalized, the adoptive family will raise your child. Although grief and loss will happen, you can take comfort in knowing you did the best you could for your child

Debunking Myths about Birth Mothers

It is so important that these myths must disappear as soon as possible. These negative connotations can cause fear and prevent you from making the best decision for you and your child.

If you hear any of these myths or others that cast a negative light on you as a birth mother, ignore it. You have and deserve the right to make the decisions that are best for you and your child.