Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

We all see them – mommas to be adorned in white in a field of flowers holding their husband/wife’s hand while simultaneously holding a sign that says: “We’re Expecting!” Pregnancy announcements have become all the rave, and it seems like the more creative/cute/crafty, the better. Trying to think of an idea to introduce your baby bump to the world? Here are some ways to announce your pregnancy.

Use Your Pup! (Or any other pet, really)

Even though they aren’t clear about what’s going on, dogs can be fabulous to throw into the pregnancy announcement mix. Make a cute sign with “I’m going to be a big brother” or a funny interaction with an ultrasound picture. Of course, getting them to sit still is always the big challenge. Treats and tennis balls work. Don’t have a dog? Cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, they all could work.

It’s the Little Things (Literally)

Who doesn’t love tinier versions of the original? They’re just so stinkin’ adorable. For instance, take a pair of glasses. Line up three pairs, two adult-size and one baby-sized, and people will get the picture – you’re expecting a little one soon! Shoes also work. Sport a picture wearing your favorite Converse sneakers with your hubby, and a pair of teeny tiny sneaks in the middle. Use your imagination – anything tiny compared to the originals will send the message loud and clear.

The Newest Fan to the Fam

Have a favorite sports team? Show off your jerseys at an upcoming game, and include a baby-sized onesie to announce your little guy/girl entering this world. After all, they will automatically be entered into fandom with whatever sports team you obsess over. If you’re not a gung-ho sports fan, maybe incorporate Walt Disney World into it (because who doesn’t love Disney). Throw in some baby Mickey ears, and you’ll get that “awwww omg” reaction immediately!

I’m Going to be a Brother/Sister!

What’s better than welcoming a new addition to the family than announcing it with their soon-to-be sibling(s)? Set up the scene with your child/children all sporting the big brother/sister shirts, or have them holding the classic chalkboards with their birth order. If you have two children already, it might be clever to cross out the “youngest” and replace it with “middle.” As always, you can also dress your little one in a costume – maybe a video game character as player one and player two coming soon. This will get your little one excited to welcome a new face in the family!

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, there’s no such thing as “too cheesy” or “too much.” Let your creative juices flow and be as extra or non-extra as you want. Either way, those pictures will make for a lifetime of memories.