When pregnant for the first time you can feel very unprepared. Your body is about to go through many different changes. Along with that, dealing with symptoms that come with your pregnancy can get expensive.  Things from maternity clothes, pregnancy pillows, and creams for your growing belly expenses can add up quickly.  Pregnancy hacks can really help you find shortcuts in spending by creating cheaper options or even using things you might already have at home.

Hacks For Nausea, Cramps, and Heart Burn

Try mixing baking soda and warm water to help with heartburn.

If you find that products like Tums and Pepto Bismol aren’t working, try a spoonful of baking soda mixed into a glass of water could do the trick.

Eat a banana to keep leg cramps away.

Getting cramps like a Charlie horse can be painful. Try eating bananas often to help prevent getting cramps.

Put together a pregnancy nausea kit.

Pack things like gum/mints, wipes, crackers, plastic bags, and other essentials into a to go bag that you can carry around in case you are sick and a bathroom may not be available

Use a child’s toothbrush to stop your gag reflex while brushing.

Many women find that a regular-sized toothbrush becomes hard to use because it triggers their gag reflex. Try swapping yours out with a children’s/toddler’s brush. They are much smaller and easier to use.

Keep crackers next to your bed to help with morning sickness.

If you suffer from morning sickness, an excellent way to help is to keep some crackers or dry food on your nightstand or close to your bed so you can have something right when you wake up to combat nausea.


Hacks For Growing

If your bump is becoming itchy, rub coconut oil on it.

Belly creams can cost at least $10-$15 a jar. You can use cheaper alternatives like coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil for as cheap as $4 to relieve that itchiness you are getting as you grow.

Buy bra extenders to increase the life of your bras.

Buying bra extenders is a great pregnancy hacks to save money on maternity clothes. These allow you to lengthen your bra band so that you don’t have to keep buying new bras when you grow out of the ones you already own. This way, when you finally grow out of the bra and the extender, you only have to buy nursing bras

Use an elastic hair tie to create maternity pants and extend the life of your jeans.

This hack works mainly for the first and second trimester while your bump is still relatively smaller. Simply loop a hair tie through the button-hole of your jeans and wrap it around the button on your pants to expand the waistband.

Add leggings under an old flowy dress to turn it into a shirt.

A good way to use your old clothes as maternity clothes is to see if you have any flowy dresses that would now be too short with your bump and add leggings. This gives you more use of the clothes you already have and reduces the number of maternity clothes you must buy.

Try to borrow before buying.

The best hack you can use during your pregnancy is to borrow as much as possible. Maternity items can really add up to cost a lot. You will only need most of the things you need once the baby comes. Ask around to see if friends, relatives, or anyone else may have something you could borrow to help your budget.


Hacks For Comfort

Use Kinesiology tape instead of a belly band as a cheaper option.

If you are looking for support for your belly, kinesiology tape is an excellent alternative to expensive belly bands. You may need help to learn how to apply it effectively, but once it’s on, you can wear each application for up to five days.

Make “padsicles” to help with the postpartum pain.

After the birth of your baby, you might find yourself in need of some significant relief. These “padsicles” reduce your pain and aid you in healing faster. Apply aloe vera, witch hazel, and oil to some overnight menstrual pads. Close them back up, and pop them in the freezer until after your delivery. Once you need the, put them on and wear the pad normally.

Convert your sneakers into slip-ons.

As your bump grows, you may find it harder to bend down to tie your shoes. Swap out your shoelaces with elastic laces to turn your sneakers into an easy slip-on.

Keep some bags full of snacks in your purse and car.

If you get hungry throughout the day, keeping some snacks handy is a good idea to satisfy that craving.


These pregnancy hacks are great tips and tricks you can follow, whether trying to save money or make your pregnancy journey a little easier.