For a woman, finding out that she is pregnant can be such a great thing. Being able to expect a child and grow to love that child can be something that any upcoming mother can feel a turn of emotions. These emotions can go from excitement to anxiety and even fatigue. It is a lot to think about, and pregnancy can also cause many health issues. It is vital for women to be prepared to experience these issues and know that although it is normal, it is something to look out for.


To start, women can experience higher than usual blood pressure; this can be serious and should be closely monitored by a doctor or health professional. Some symptoms of high blood pressure can include blood in urine, nosebleed, chest pain, and more. High blood pressure can lead to other underlying issues that need medical attention, so you mustn’t take these lightly.


Also, during pregnancy, women can get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). These are entirely normal and can be treated with a prescribed antibiotic. These infections will not go away on their own and need a health professional’s diagnosis. Some symptoms of a UTI can include constant urination, pain while urinating, and even blood in the urine. Seek help if you experience any of these symptoms.


During pregnancy, women can experience unexpected weight gain. It is very common and can appear in various parts of a woman’s body, such as their face, stomach, thighs, and arms. Excessive weight gain can cause shortness of breath, extreme sweating, sensitive skin, and even a high fever.


During pregnancy, a woman can experience new things in their body that they may not be used to, which can cause panic. Just know that whatever it is, other pregnant women have probably gone through the same experiences. These things must be monitored, and make sure that your body and health come first.


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