How Do I tell Partner About My Adoption Plan?

At first, sharing your adoption plan with your partner can seem too difficult to handle. Take a deep breath. You can do this. Imagine what the conversation will be like before it happens. Imagine how your partner will respond. This will help you to prepare yourself for the conversation. Keeping in mind the reasons you chose to make this difficult decision will help you to feel confident when sharing your plan with others. Here are a few tips for how to go about it:

Talk to Your adoption Specialist.

First and foremost, talk to your adoption specialist about how to share your adoption plan with your partner. They will be a tremendous help because they have experience. Describing the dynamics of your relationship will allow the specialist to provide you with the best advice on how to approach your situation. If you don’t have one text (610) 787 2453 or call 1-800-355-5500.

In the meantime, some options to consider are:

Speak to Him in Person.

If it is possible schedule a time and place to meet with your partner face to face. This conversation is best had in person so that you can explain in depth what you have planned without any confusion. Similarly, this method allows for all questions to be answered and all opinions and concerns to be voiced. Additionally, speaking in person allows this to be more of a conversation rather than a statement. Telling your partner, you are placing your baby for adoption can be hard to swallow, especially if the two of you are in a relationship or married. However, choosing to have a conversation face to face can help them come to terms with what is happening. Try to be sympathetic for how they feel but remember what is in both you and your baby’s best interest.

Write a Letter.

If speaking about your adoption plan face to face is too hard or not possible, writing a letter is always an option. You can send it by email or surface mail to your partner. In contrast to a face to face conversation, this option provides you with benefit of being able to say exactly what you need to say uninterrupted. It is easy to feel nervous when having serious conversations and this method helps to relieve some pressure. Encourage your partner to write back with any concerns.

Have A Mediator Inform Him.

If you find yourself to be in a situation that is not ideal and you don’t want to speak to your partner personally, don’t panic. You do not have to tell him yourself. Your adoption specialist or attorney can discuss your adoption plan with him if you wish.

Can I Place My Baby For Adoption Without Informing The Father?

Whether or not you can do this depends on what state you live in. In Pennsylvania placing your child without consent from the father varies case by case. For this reason, it is often encouraged to get consent from the expectant father. Talk to your adoption specialist for more information. If you don’t have one text (610) 787 2453 or call 1-800-355-5500.