As your due date approaches, there are many options to consider for birthing your baby. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the select options. The most important decision will come down to what the best option is for you and your child. This is for the women who choose the unmedicated, natural remedy. Child birth is a beautiful moment that you have to prepare for, regardless of how it’s done. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to successfully prep for the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Mental Preparation

  • When going through a life-changing experience such as childbirth, having a strong mentality is so important. One of the most common concerns is, “How is this baby going to fit out of me? It’s a thought that doesn’t bring complete excitement, but the strength of a woman’s body is something to embrace. Reading books, blogs, others’ stories and educating yourself on natural birth is the best way to ease your mind. And if you’re feeling up to it, consider watching videos of real life natural births, and the power those mothers had. The more you acknowledge that you CAN do this, the more you will believe it!

Deep Breaths and Timed Contractions

  • Although this category can be unpredictable in the moment, it’s what will help you persevere through the birth. Implementing a routine of pre-labor breathing will not only ease your pain in the moment, but also prep you for the much-needed moments of relaxation you’ll need during natural child birth. You can also use this remedy to space out your contractions. As your contractions become less spaced out, your breaths should become deeper. Practice makes perfect and you will thank yourself when it’s over.

Exercise and Labor Movement

  • By popular demand, half squats seem to keep the pain level low. Keeping yourself active throughout the labor stage keeps you in control of the pain you feel. Whether that be a walk through the hallways of a hospital, moderated dancing or squats in your room, movement will eliminate discomfort. This stage of your experience is one of the only phases you’ll have control over. Whatever form of exercise helps you make it to the finish line, do it (with a doctor’s consent, of course)!

It’s Okay To Be Scared, Be Your Own Cheerleader

  • A woman’s body is so powerful. The female body can hold another life for nine months, which is something to celebrate. The idea of natural child birth with no epidural can be frightening, and at some points you may begin to feel out of control of the situation you’re in. All of these emotions are normal, but you must advocate for yourself. Again, it’s all about the mental preparation. Believe in yourself and the power of your body. Natural child birth is profound, so in the end, don’t forget to commend yourself and all your efforts!