With 2018 fast-approaching, it’s time to make plans for the last night of 2017. Being pregnant during this time can seem daunting, but there are fun options for enjoying the night. From a party in your PJs, to getting away with your beloved, here are some party-planning ideas for 2018.


Milk & Cookies Party

This may seem like a school-kid favorite, but there are plenty of ways to spice it up for adult enjoyment. Have your guests bring their favorite cookie recipe, and plan a cookie swap amongst your friends. Instead of alcoholic beverages, enjoy a nice glass of milk or milkshake (you could even add cookie crumbles into the shake for extra sweetness). Break out some old-school board games for the evening – anything from Apples to Apples or the Game of Life. This is a sure-fire way to liven the night.


Movie Night

Everyone loves a good movie night, especially when it involves popcorn and candy. Customize tickets and send them as invitations to your friends for a night at the cinema. Make the ultimate snuggly atmosphere by adding pillows and blankets to the floor. To add extra fun, play some trivia at the conclusion at the film. Buy (or bake) a prize for the winner. This is a terrific way to stay off your feet, and enjoy the company of your closest friends.


Pajama/Spa Night Party

Who does not love a PJ party? From the time we start sleepovers, to well into our adult years, PJs are the staple for an overnight stay. Create a contest for the silliest pajamas, and include the younger crowd if your friends have children. As seen in almost every rom-com, blast some old-school pop music and have a dance party with your closest friends. It might even be fun to add in some manicures and pedicures for the ultimate spa night. Relive your youthful years by throwing a PJ party for the new year!


A Mini Getaway

As baby time is possibly fast-approaching for you, it might be nice to plan a short vacation away to ring in the New Year. The best thing is that most hotels have great New Years packages, so it won’t require much planning. It might even be a good idea to just relax and get away from the noise. Have a nice dinner, enjoy the pool, or take a stroll around the town. A mini getaway can really relieve some of that baby stress, and give you some quality time with your significant other.


Scrapbooking Night

For everyone that’s super crafty, enjoy a night of glue, paper cut-outs and photos. Scrapbooking is always a viable option every night of the year. However, it might be even more special to make a year-long scrapbook, celebrating the year 2017 and all its memories. Highlight the ups, while also appreciating your triumphs through the downs. Dedicate a page to your near-future plans in 2018 – a mini bucket list. This is a wonderful way to reflect on the year, and plan for the year ahead (New Years Resolutions if you will).