Planning your New Year’s Resolutions with the baby bump

With the first days of the new year in full swing, people are chalk full of hopes for 2019. Whether it’s going to the gym more or scheduling more time for your loved ones, everyone has a goal to be better in the new year. If you’re pregnant, this may be a perfect time to make a list for yourself – one that is simple yet effective (because going to the gym every day probably isn’t the safest/smartest option). Here is a list of resolutions you can make for you and that baby bump:

Eat Well

Of course this is true across the board – eating well makes for a better mind and body, especially when you’re pregnant. Make sure to keep a balanced diet to ensure your baby’s healthy growth (and your overall health). If you’re susceptible to cravings, try healthier substitutes like frozen fruits (frozen grapes are always yummy!). You can also try mixing some dark chocolate, which is complete with antioxidants.

Stay Active

As mentioned before, it may not be feasible to go to the gym every day, but light cardio/yoga a few times a week would certainly be beneficial. This will help boost your stamina and strength during labor, as well as improving blood flow to your baby. As a bonus – it will help you get your shape back after pregnancy.  

Be Positive

As a new year approaches, it’s always full of new beginnings and opportunities. Research shows that those with a more positive outlook on life tend to live longer and have a stronger immune system. This will bode well for the baby – always stay on the sunny side of life!

Rest, Relax, Repeat

It’s no secret that there’s less daylight in the winter, and it can get cold (especially in the northern states). Take time out of your day to rest. Your body will thank you. Light exercise like swimming or yoga can help ensure a good night’s rest.

Above all else, happy 2019! Have a happy and healthy new year.


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