Support groups, while pregnant, are beneficial for expectant mothers in a number of ways. During and after pregnancy, the mother’s health and wellbeing affects the development of the child both physically and psychologically. Attending support groups while pregnant will help promote a healthy lifestyle for both you and your baby. 

In-Person Support Groups 

Support groups for expectant mothers can take place either in-person or through an online format. In-person groups are typically led by a psychologist or therapist. Various topics, such as changes during pregnancy, relationships with family and friends, body image, birth plans, coping strategies, etc. will be discussed. Other topics, such as the health of the child and the upbringing of the child, are discussed as well. The purpose of these support groups is to comfort women and provide them with a safe place to discuss their concerns and ask questions. 

Online Support Groups

Support groups for expectant mothers are also available online. In online forms, pregnant women have the opportunity to ask experts questions and provide their own advice to others as well. 

Additionally, other resources are often available such as discussions and blogs in which mothers-to-be can ask others for help, share words of encouragement, and talk about their journey. 

Benefits of Support Groups

Support groups can help new and expectant mothers to lessen stress and the likelihood of developing postpartum depression after the child is born. Additionally, mothers can also benefit from support groups by being able to grow and strengthen relationships with family and friends. Support groups while pregnant can help mothers improve their social well-being. Expectant mothers also have the opportunity to talk and build relationships with other mothers as well.

Outcomes of Support Groups

Support groups can help to promote bonding between the expectant mother and her child and improve mental health. After the child is born support groups can be useful to measure infant development. Overall, support groups are beneficial to provide new mothers with a support network.


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