Take a deep breath. You are going to be perfectly fine. Yes, facing an unplanned pregnancy can come as a sudden surprise, remember that you have options. No matter what choice you choose, know there is no pressure! You are picking the best option that will eventually help you and your baby in the long run.


The first resource that you can look into is adoption. There are two forms of adoption: open adoption or closed adoption. You can choose open or closed adoption(s) when placing your child for adoption. If you are a single mother facing hardship, the adoption agency will help you create a thorough adoption plan. Open adoption is when the birth parent(s) are fully aware of the adoption process. They choose the family, and the family will be alongside the birth parent(s) throughout the pregnancy. Open adoptions will allow you to watch your baby grow up through photos, videos, letters, and much more if the adoptive parents are willing to share that information with the birth parent(s). Meanwhile, closed adoption is when the birth parent(s) choose not to have contact with the child or the adoptive family. As stated before, whatever you decide to do, the adoption agency will support your decision!

Kinship/Relative Adoption

Another form of adoption can be Kinship/Relative Adoption. The adoption process can be a bit longer when it comes to finding a family that would be good for your baby, and finding an agency that will be there by your side no matter what can be a bit can be hard to find. So, if you would instead go through with a kinship/relative adoption, then that is a choice that can be good for you! When you go through this process with a trusted family member, please be mindful that the family member will legally and permanently adopt your baby.


“Am I prepared to raise a child?” “Am I mentally and financially prepared to raise a baby?” “Am I in the right environment for me to raise my child?” Those might be some questions you will ask yourself regarding an unplanned pregnancy. Whether you are a single parent or have a partner by your side, you must ask yourself and your partner serious questions to determine whether you’re both ready to be parents. Parenting can be a beautiful journey; it is better when that parent is prepared for it. But let’s be honest; no one is ever ready for parenthood. So, no matter what choice you decide to make, you are going to need support. To go through parenthood, you must be responsible and develop a financial plan to afford baby necessities. You can also rely on your state’s resources. Government assistance programs can help provide housing, food, medical for you and your child, assistance with bills, and much more.


In June, the United States came to an absolute standstill when the news broke that the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling, which left abortion laws up to each state. As a result, eleven states shut down all active abortion clinics. Some states currently protect your right to have an abortion, and some are working on strengthening abortion protections to help meet a rise in demand by individuals who might travel from out of state for care. Some jobs have even stepped in and announced that they would provide travel assistance to go to another state where it is not banned so their employee can carry out an abortion safely and effectively. Depending on which state you are located in, abortion can be one of your options when facing an unplanned pregnancy, but make sure you check what your state’s legislatures are before making a decision.