When you hear about Lamaze classes, you probably are not completely sure what they consist of. You’ve likely seen it on TV and in the movies, because a Lamaze class is a childbirth class, and is very well known for its popular breathing techniques. Here’s a breakdown of the history and uses for Lamaze classes to help decide if it’s something you should look into during your pregnancy.


Dr. Fernand Lamaze created the Lamaze method in France during the early 1950s. The technique emphasized paternal support during birth, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Before these techniques became popular, childbirth involved heavy sedation, which was not the best method for healthy babies and mothers.

What are Lamaze Classes?

Lamaze classes are centered on teaching partners how to be supportive during the childbirth process, and often are combined with prenatal education. Prenatal education informs partners about all their options as far as epidurals and medical intervention, to help them make the most informed decision possible during childbirth.

Other things you’ll learn in a Lamaze Class are pain management and confidence boosting. Considering every birth is unique, a prenatal class prepares you for every situation, and often makes the process smoother. Techniques like walking around and position changes in labor are also popular topics in a Lamaze class.


Who Should Take Lamaze Classes?


There’s a stigma that Lamaze classes are just for first time parents. While childbirth is a big part of the classes. Considering they educate about all aspects of the process and often even basic baby

care, prenatal classes can be for anyone. For second time parents, if you want refreshers or different options for handling pain, these classes help.

When Should You Take Lamaze Classes?

Lamaze classes are often taken in the third trimester, and can be found at hospitals or community centers. Anyone can take a class at any time, as there are no specific rules to when they need to be done. The benefits of these classes include education of different birth methods, options, and pain management. It can’t heart to educate yourself on childbirth techniques, so next time you’re looking for something to do, consider stopping by your local Lamaze class.