I’m pregnant and addicted to drugs. Can I place my child for adoption? Take a deep breath. We are here to tell you, it’s O.K. to ask for help. A local adoption agency is a good place to start. There you can meet a social worker who can help you to explore all of your potential options. Your addiction will not be used against you by an adoption agency. In seeking help, you wilnot get yourself into any sort of legal trouble. Despite the illness you are suffering from, you are still just as worthy of exploring your options as any other birth mother.  

Choosing The Right Agency

The right adoption agency will not discriminate against you. Instead, they will help to provide you and your child with the best resources to aid you in the recovery to health. If you are considering adoption as an option, you already have your child’s best interest at heart, whether you decide that adoption is the right choice for you or not.  

The right adoption agency will not force you to place your child for adoption because you are addicted to drugs or alcoholA social worker will listen to your concerns. They will explore all options equally with you. It is up to you to make the final decision.

Regardless of the difficulties your baby might experience after birth, know that there are families out there who are willing to love and care for your baby. Your adoption agency can help you find a family for your baby who is equipped to handle all of your child’s needsIf you are interested in knowing what your child will be experiencing after birth, Dr. Erin Meyer explains the process in this video.

More information

For some mothers suffering from addiction, adoption can be a fresh start for the baby and themselves. Remember that lying to your agency or doctor about your addiction will not do you or your baby any favors. Be honest so that you can both receive the care that you need. Prenatal care is just one of the many resources adoption agencies can help provide you.  

 If you are considering adoption, need more information on this topicor would like to speak with a social worker, call 1-888-608-8373. 

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