As a newly expectant mother, you may be wondering about your sleep schedule – will I be up every hour? Will I need more sleep than usual? Help! It’s common to face these questions. As a pregnant woman, there are steps you can take to help your sleep schedule stay regular. Whether it’s piling the pillows or avoiding spicy foods, here is a list of pregnancy sleep tips.

Exercise Regularly and Lightly

It’s important to stay fit while pregnant. Regular exercise for at least thirty minutes a day will help you fall asleep easier at night. Try to avoid late night exercise as this will keep you up. Light exercise before dinner time, like yoga, is recommended.

Drink Water, but Not Too Much Before Bed

While it’s crucial to stay hydrated while pregnant, drink most of your water throughout the day. Don’t drink too much water close to bedtime because you’ll increase those bathroom trips during the night and interrupt much needed sleep.

Avoid Spicy Food and Big Meals Before Bed

Eating spicy foods is not recommended during pregnancy. However, if you do indulge in a mildly spicy burrito, keep it limited to day time. Eating too close to bedtime will increase your chance of heartburn and discomfort while sleeping. If you’re feeling a craving, snack on something light such as a banana, crackers, or cereal.

Use LOTS of Pillows!

Pregnancy body pillows are AMAZING. Splurge on one of these, and you will thank yourself. The U-shaped or circle shaped pillows will offer support to all areas. If you want individual pillow support, try putting a pillow behind your back, between your knees, and/or under your abdomen.

Take Small Cat Naps During the Day

Normally, naps are advised against for most people. However, studies have shown that pregnant women benefit greatly from small naps during the day. Limit these to 20-30 minutes as you do not want to make up your precious sleep cycle!

Maintain a Regular Sleep and Wake Cycle

Lastly, it’s important to keep your sleep cycle regular. This means prioritizing your sleep schedule – going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This will help ensure alertness throughout the day and keep you more routine throughout the week.

Sleep is necessary! It’s what recharges our bodies, fuels our minds, and keeps us sane. When you’re pregnant, this is even more important. Get your rest – your body will thank you!