Facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption can be an emotional choice. As expecting and birth parents, placing your child for adoption is a huge decision and has many elements to it. It is okay if you do not know what to do; there are many questions and concerns. Most importantly, there are people here to help you. Adoption agencies provide all the resources, support, and answers you need. It is crucial that whatever decision you decide to make, it is for all the right reasons.

Where do I go for help?

You can either go to an adoption agency, called an agency adoption, or go to an adoption lawyer, called a private adoption.  Adoption agencies will help you think through all the questions you may have about placing your child for adoption and guide you in finding the right choice for you. In a private adoption, you can ask all of the same questions and concerns to your lawyer. Either route you take, an agency or lawyer, you have the right to an unbiased, nonjudgmental counseling about your decision.

If you feel that an adoption plan is right for you, the agency or your lawyer will help you with the adoption process. When considering adoption agencies, make sure you find one that is respectful of all your choices, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. Additionally, do not forget that you can choose your family, stay in contact with them, and get financial help. The best agencies and lawyers put you at the center of the plan and allow you to lead the way.

How do I find them?

Adoption agencies and lawyers are not all alike. We suggest searching for an adoption agency or lawyer that feels right to you. Looking at their websites, social media, and their reviews will give you a good sense of their agency.

Important questions to ask when considering:

  • Are they open to all pregnancy options available to you?
  • Are they open to all families? (some agencies do not allow gay or lesbian families to adopt)
  • Do they promote open adoption?

Additionally, it is important that they say things like you can choose the family and you have the option to stay connected with them. Also make sure they have resources for you before and after placing your child for adoption.

Providing Resources

It is important that whichever agency or lawyer you choose, they place you at the center. Support is necessary in the process of adoption, before, during, and after. Adoption agencies should provide resources beyond adoption. Agencies that focus on the expectant mother and provide all the services for their needs is fundamental in your process. Make sure whoever you choose to work with provides a full needs assessment for expectant parents that go beyond focusing on their pregnancy needs. These needs revolve around providing support and resources that empower expecting and birth parents.

These resources look like:

  • Peer-to-peer support: finding a support system is beneficial for birth and expecting parents before, during, and after the placement and adoption process.
  • Wrap around services to stay connected with birth and expecting parents after placement: keeping in touch with birth and expecting parents after placement is necessary in providing support such as counseling post-placement.
  • Types of online and in-person support: online meetings or in-person support provides a place for expecting and birth parents to be heard and provides a space or platform to share experiences.
  • Developing workshops to give personal and professional development opportunities for expecting and birth parents: help birth and expecting parents with the post-placement process and daily life necessities.

Make sure that whatever agency or lawyer you decide, they value creating a support network for the birth and expecting parents.

Whichever route you decide, agency or lawyer, make sure they focus on empowering the expecting and birth parents. No one should pressure you into making a decision or choosing adoption. Try to find unbiased support for answers to your questions and needs. And lean on people who will support you no matter what you decide. Adoption agencies can be a great resource options counseling.

To speak with someone that can help you learn more about your options, dial 888-608-8373 or visit their website https://afth.wordpress.com/ for more information.

*Disclaimer: Adoptions From The Heart is a Pro-Choice adoption agency. One of their social workers will educate you on  ALL your options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting.