If you are pregnant and struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, we are here to tell you it is O.K. to ask for help. There are many resources available to you and help explore your options.

A local adoption agency is a good place to start. Through an adoption agency, you can meet a social worker to help you with exploring all your options. In seeking help, you will not get into any legal trouble. Despite the illness you are suffering from, you are still just as worthy of exploring your options as any birth mother. Pregnancy women who are dependent on substances, can and have delivered healthy babies.

Addiction Treatment

If you are seeking treatment during your pregnancy, there are many comprehensive addiction treatments for pregnant women. This includes medical detox, specialized treatment plan, pregnancy counseling and education, parenting education, individual, group, and family therapy, and treatment for any co-occurring disorders, and many other options.

In order to ensure the safety of the woman and pregnancy during treatment processes, pregnant women need to be under a doctor’s care to detox from alcohol and/or drugs during pregnancy.

Pregnancy requires a specialized treatment plan to treat mother and child, and detox and withdrawal methods used will depend on the substance that has been used. Research has shown that comprehensive drug treatment and prenatal care for the mother and child significantly improves birth outcomes and child’s development.

Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies will not discriminate against you. Rather, they will help provide you the best resources necessary for you and best resources to aid you in the recovery to health. If you are considering adoption as an option, you already have your child’s best interest at heart, whether you decide that adoption is the right choice for you or not.

Whatever decision you decide to make, the right adoption agency will not force you to place your child because you are addicted to a substance. A social worker will answer and listen to all your questions and concerns. They will help you explore all options equally and you will make the final decision that is best for you.

Support Groups

Support groups, while pregnant, are beneficial for expectant mothers in numerous ways. They can take place either in-person or through an online platform. Various topics are discussed from relationships with family and friends, changes during pregnancy, coping strategies, birth plans, etc. The purpose of these support groups is to comfort women and provide them a safe space and place to discuss their concerns and ask questions.

More information

For some mother’s suffering addiction, adoption can be a fresh start for the baby and themselves. Keep in mind that lying to your agency or doctor about your addiction will not help you or your baby. Being honest will allow you to receive that care and support that you need. Prenatal care is just one of the many resources’ adoption agencies can help give you.

If you are considering adoption, need more information on this topic, or would like to speak with a social worker, call 1-888-608-8373 or visit https://afth.org/.