Staying active while pregnant is essential to maintain and increase the health of you and your baby; however, it is crucial to listen to your body and adjust your workout to be the most beneficial. Below we’ll discuss some basic guidelines for staying active, but remember before you do anything, you need to talk to your doctor. Since every individual and pregnancy is different, your doctor will give you the best advice!   

What to Do  

Tailor your exercises to your activity level. If you were active before you got pregnant, then you’ll be able to do more intense workouts. However, if you weren’t doing frequent physical activity beforehand, you want to start slowly and ease yourself into regular workouts.   

Try to incorporate mostly aerobic activities into your exercises. Aerobic exercises are anything that increases your heart rate. These exercises could be something as simple as raking leaves or dancing in the mirror to going for a run or a swim. Again, this all depends on what your doctor advises and your previous activity level.   

Remember to drink water. It is vital that you stay hydrated, not only while you are working out but before and after. Hydrating will help you throughout your workout and will allow for faster recovery afterward. It is also essential to take breaks when you feel the need. Remember to listen to your body and don’t push it.    

The Talk Test is an excellent way to judge if your workout is too intense or just right. The Talk Test measures your breathing and exertion by the following rule of thumb: if you can speak a full sentence before taking a breath, your exercise is just right. However, if you cannot make it through a sentence without taking a breath, then the activity is too intense, and you need to adjust it. Having a workout buddy can give you someone to talk to during your workout, so you can casually perform the Talk Test.   

What to Avoid  

One of the most important things to remember while you’re pregnant is to avoid activities and sports that could result in a hit to your stomach. These could include sports such as basketball, soccer, or football. Getting hit in the stomach during pregnancy could result in severe consequences.  

It is also essential to refrain from exercises that will force you to lay on your back. Exercises that require you to lay on your back could be sit-ups, leg raises, or anything of that nature. Other exercises to avoid are those that increase your risk of falling. These workouts could be skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, and more. Falling could impact the stomach, which could result in damage to you and your baby. 

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